Freesat reaches one million users

Freesat, the free-to-view high and standard-definition satellite TV viewing service, has announced that it now has one million customers. 

The joint venture from the BBC and ITV is subscription free, but does require both a satellite installation and a set-top box (HD boxes start at around £67).

Unsurprisingly, a high proportion of Freesat customers are ex-Sky subscribers. "Freesat is a great opportunity for the millions of homes with existing satellite dishes who are used to quality TV but no longer want to pay a monthly subscription", said Emma Scott, managing director of Freesat. Nearly 400,000 of Freesat's customers have come from Sky.

Freesat currently has over 140 channels, although currently broadcasts only two HD channels (BBC and ITV1). In comparison, Sky has nearly 700 TV and radio channels and 37 are High Definition.

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