Businesses 'only taking tentative steps to Cloud'

Businesses in the UK and Ireland are still unconvinced by the benefits of Cloud computing, claims a survey of 550 enterprises for management software firm CA.  While only 8 per cent of respondents think of Cloud as a short-term fad, an additional 82 per cent ‘need more convincing’.

‘Unleashing the Power of Virtualization 2010 Survey’ found that server virtualisation is ‘gaining real traction’, with 84 per cent of respondents surveyed saying that they are either implementing it or planning to. The number drops significantly, however, when looking at the other steps which move from a static environment towards cloud computing: automatic provisioning (24 per cent), automatic deprovisioning (14 per cent), and dynamic resource allocation (34 per cent).

Some 58 per cent of businesses see cloud as synonymous with outsourcing (external cloud), but 42 per cent do not. Whether internal or external, respondents are unclear on the benefits which Cloud can bring them, and seem unable to link the technical advantages of Cloud (on-demand self-service, broad network access, rapid elasticity, and metered service) with the business benefits they provide – cost savings, better return-on-investment, increased availability, ability to deploy new services more quickly. Interestingly, metered service – a key selling point of the external cloud model – is seen as an advantage by only 22 per cent of respondents.

When looking at the drawbacks of taking the Cloud route, management – 48 per cent – and security – 36 per cent – are seen as the biggest inhibitors. Adding to this, 68 per cent of respondents do not feel that they have adequate in-house capabilities to deliver a Cloud infrastructure at present.

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