Threadless 'crowdsourced' design comes to Griffin iPhone technology cases

Threadless has already made a name for itself as one of the pioneers of "crowdsourced" design. Now Threadless have teamed up with Griffin to bring the most popular designs to their iPhone protective cases.

Users of the site design their own T-shirts, vote on all of the designs available and the most popular become limited-run apparel. 

"The collaboration with Griffin is fantastic because it places a spotlight on the amazing talent within the Threadless community," said Jake Nickell, founder of skinnyCorp, parent company of Threadless. The cases retail for £25 and are available now from the Apple Store.

Crowdsourced design is already moving into other technological areas, too. Of course, Linux is an early example of crowdsourced software engineering. But sites like Quirky, that apply the Threadless model to product design, have turned out camera tripods, snack holders and even sledges.

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