Survey: scientists call for focus on nanotech

A group of scientists surveyed by NanoInk and TBx Consulting has called on the UK government to treat nanotechnology as an area of national importance, stressing the need for urgent action to streamline and overhaul the current methodology for developing new technologies. 

According to the American-based National Science Foundation, nanotechnology will become a $1tr global market by 2015 and will require a skilled workforce of more than two million nanotechnologists. Currently there are only 20,000 nanotechnologists working in the field. 
Tom Warwick of NanoInk said: “Countries such as Russia, Germany, China and the US are already shaping policies and making strategic investments in nanotechnology that will enable them to obtain significant economic benefits including technology innovations, revenue and job growth.  We felt it important to consult the experts and draw attention to their recommendations on what the UK should be doing to capitalise on this opportunity, while helping to support its science and engineering base for future economic development.”  
Thierry Bontoux of TBx Consulting added: “The results of the survey show that there are dire repercussions for the UK if it doesn’t leverage its resource base and make strategic investments in nanotechnology now. If the UK does not move swiftly and build upon its initial research investments in this area, many experts believe that other nations will capitalise on the knowledge gained via U.K. research and use it to their benefit.”

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