OSCI opens configuration spec for reviewOSCI opens configuration spec for review

The Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) has put up for  public review the configuration portion of the SystemC Configuration, Control & Inspection (CCI) standardisation effort.

The public review period of the CCI Configuration Requirements Specification extends through April 2, 2010. OSCI wants users, architects, ESL tool developers and IP providers to provide feedback using the CCI discussion forum. The document are currently available for download under open-source license.  

OSCI’s CCI Working Group is defining standards to improve interoperability between models and tools, streamlining the exchange of information between them. These standards will be developed incrementally with initial work on configuration, which is the focus of this requirements specification.  The end result will be a standard way to instrument models with the aim of improving the efficiency of the SystemC-centric modelling ecosystem.

“The value of ESL models is greatly improved when they can readily and easily be configured, controlled and inspected,” said OSCI CCI working group chairman Trevor Wieman.  “The CCI WG is excited to provide a configuration requirements specification for public review. This document describes a conceptual model for understanding the SystemC configuration challenge and key anticipated use cases in addition to specific requirements.  Configuration represents a first big step towards model-to-tool interoperability and the CCI WG looks forward to SystemC community input to help set a direction for this important work.”

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