Improbable research tour aims to provoke both thought and laughter

Details of this year's Ig Nobel Tour of the UK have been announced. Organised as part of National Science & Engineering Week, the first show is on March 11th in Oxford, then it moves to Dundee, Portsmouth, Liverpool, London and Bristol.

According to presenter Marc Abrahams, "The Ig Nobel Prizes honour achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think. The prizes are intended to celebrate the unusual, honour the imaginative - and spur people's interest in science, medicine, and technology."

Each show features Abrahams, who organises the Ig Nobel Prizes and edits the Annals of Improbable Research, presenting a number of winners who then explain what they did and why they did it, and also take questions.

Speakers during the UK tour are expected to include: Catherine Douglas and Peter Rowlinson of Newcastle University, who shared the 2009 Ig Nobel Prize in veterinary medicine for showing that cows who have names give more milk than cows that are nameless; Bristol University professor of biological sciences Gareth Jones on his recent study "Fellatio by Fruit Bats Prolongs Copulation Time"; historian Steve Farrar discussing the peculiar history of astronomer Tycho Brahe’s nose; and physician Elena Bodnar, who invented a brassiere that, in an emergency, can be quickly converted into a pair of protective face masks.

Tickets for this, the eighth annual UK tour, are available from the respective venues as listed on the tour website.

Further information:
National Science & Engineering Week
Ig Nobel Tour of the UK

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