I'd like that job: Mott MacDonald

OK, so he has to work in Croydon. But is there anything this new recruit doesn't like about working at Motts?

What’s your name?

Tanner Hassan-Hicks

And your age?


Who do you work for, and where is it?

Mott MacDonald Ltd. – it's in Croydon, London

What’s your job title?

Graduate Engineer - Aviation Sub-Division

How long have you been doing that, then?

I started on the 7th September 2009, so not very long, a few months.

How did you get there?

Well, I initially applied to Motts in my 3rd year at university to find my application ‘unsuccessful’, along with a load of other applications. I worked on ‘beefing’ up my CV a bit and I applied to lots companies in my 4th year (not Motts this time) and I actually received an email from the recruitment officer at Motts saying ‘We have been looking through our CV database, and yours has stood out. Would you like to come for an interview?’ So I jumped on that chance, and it went from there.

What degree did you do?

I did a four-year Masters Degree with honours in Civil Engineering at Nottingham University

What’s a typical day like?

I work in an office so a typical day would be to arrive at 9 and work at my desk and computer. The office is very interactive so I will speak to a lot of people about the job/task I’m working on and as I am being involved in quite a lot of different jobs, I would expect to have a meeting/workshop or two with other colleagues to discuss the work. I can take up to an hour's lunch break so I like to go for a walk or do some shopping so I get out the office for a bit and change my scenery. Sounds dull, but it actually isn’t.

What are they like, the people you work with?

Really nice! I work in an office of 40 people and there isn’t one who I could say I don’t get on with. When I started, everyone made so much effort to welcome me and ask how I was getting on (I still get asked now), it’s really helped me to settle in. The team I work closest with are brilliant; they involve me in everything and are always looking out for me on a more personal level.  

What’s the best thing about the job?

Besides the people, there are a lot of opportunities to get involved in lots of different projects at one time and this may sound strange, but I’ve been chucked in at the deep end on some things and it’s really challenging and I like that. It gives me an opportunity to show what I can do.

And the worst?

Apart from being based in Croydon..!? At the moment, I can honestly say there isn’t anything I don’t enjoy about it. Being based in Croydon has actually turned out better than I was expecting, it’s really easy to get into central London and trains go regularly down south, back home to the Isle of Wight so it could be worse.

Much travel involved?

Yes! The majority of our work is overseas so there’s always opportunities to go. I have already been on two trips to Istanbul in Turkey. I’ve also been asked if I want to go to Cyprus in March on a different job so I’ll definitely be doing that.

What do you think you’ll do next?

For now, I don’t have a plan of what to do next. I’m still settling in and enjoying myself here. I suppose in the long term I would like to have my own business at some stage but that is still a long, long way down the line.

Was there anything you’d have done differently in your career so far?

So far, no. I wanted to be a pilot from a young age but for some reason I never went for it. I suppose if I had to say something it would be to have done that, just to see what it would have been like. But since I’ve done engineering, I wouldn’t change anything.

And just for fun, what’s your favourite TV programme?

Oooh, there are so many… I think, though, Top Gear has to be on top of the list. I watch Peep Show and the Inbetweeners quite religiously, though.

Favourite game?

Game or Sport? If you can argue that Football is a game, then definitely that. Golf, that’s a game right?

Top nosh:

Anything my Grandma from North Cyprus makes.

Top song:

Either Never Forget by Take That (brings back so many memories from uni) or if I’m to be a bit more manly, Rocket Man by Elton John. Ok, maybe not quite so manly…

Top three things I like doing when I’m not being an engineer:

Playing football, seeing my friends and going out.

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