Google plans Gbit/s home fibre network

Google plans to bring 1Gbit/s fibre network connections to up to half a million Americans in an experiment to see what they would do with it.

The company used its blog to announce plans to build and test ultra high-speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the United States. The up to 1Gbit/s fibre to the home links will be  offered at 'a competitive price' to between 50,000 and 500,000 people.

The company says it wants to explore how such fast networks would be used and how they can be deployed.  

"We'll share key lessons learned with the world," James Kelly, a product manager on Google's infrastructure team, said on the blog.

Google says it will run an "open access" network, giving users the choice of multiple service providers, and manage it in an open, non-discriminatory and transparent way.

The company likened its fibre experiment to the experimental WiFi network it built in Mountain View, California.

"We don't think we have all the answers – but through our trial, we hope to make a meaningful contribution to the shared goal of delivering faster and better Internet for everyone," Kelly added.

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