3D CAD beats 2D for ski developer

Austrian ski manufacturer Kneissl Tirol - which has skis in competition at the Vancouver Winter Olympics - said that switching from 2D to 3D CAD and simulation software has enabled it to reduce development time for new skis by nearly 50 per cent.

“Our 2D software was no longer sufficient, especially for the data transfer to the external service providers we employ for the five-axis machining. That became more and more critical,” said Max Eppensteiner, product development manager at Kneissl Tirol

Since adopting 3D software from Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks, Kneissl has benefited from a shorter development time, leading to more creativity and better quality designs, Eppensteiner said. He added: “We’re now using SolidWorks Simulation, which helped us improve the quality of our products even more efficiently.”

He noted that the use of SolidWorks has also contributed to a reduction of prototyping, and that Kneissl has begun to use SolidWorks for other design projects, such as small machines and devices.

The Austrian company has been building skis since 1919, and can develop custom skis which may consist of up to 20 components and do not go into series production.

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