Vodafone relaunches its femtocell service

Vodafone is offering UK customers a femtocell basestation to put in their homes or offices to improve the reach of its 3G network.

The service was originally launched last July, as the Vodafone Access Gateway.

The rebranded box plugs into a 1Mbit/s or better broadband connection to brings Vodafone's 3G signal indoors.

“No other network in the UK can ensure a great mobile phone signal in the home, because the Sure Signal is unique to Vodafone,” says Guy Laurence, Vodafone UK CEO. “Customers tell us it is life changing. If they live or work in a basement for example, the only way they may be able to get consistent mobile coverage could be with a Vodafone Sure Signal.”

Recent research by Vodafone UK says that one in five Britons have missed an important event because of a lack of mobile coverage. One in 50 would consider moving house for better indoor coverage.

Up to 32 people can be registered to use a Vodafone Sure Signal and four people can use it at once. Customers can add or change their Sure Signal users in real-time with Vodafone’s new online service.

Consumers will pay a one-off charge for the box of £50 if their calling plans cost more than £25 per month, or £120, if less than that. Small business prices are similar.

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