UK has cheapest mobile broadband in Europe

A new analyst report has concluded that the UK has the least expensive mobile broadband – and predicts explosive growth for mobile broadband usage across Europe underpinned by HSPA and HSPA+ technology.

According to the CCS Insight’s report, the European mobile broadband market will see subscriber and revenue numbers nearly double by 2011.

In the UK, where competition is fierce, subscribers can pay less than 17 euros a month for 3GB of data traffic, and less than 5 euros for each gigabyte of data

Additionally, the report concludes, total mobile broadband subscribers in key European markets will rise from about 22 million at the end of 2009 to over 43 million in 2011. Total revenue from mobile broadband access in the major markets will rise from less than 6 billion euros in 2009 to more than 11 billion euros in 2011.

“We expect to see not only growth, but also changes in the dynamic across Europe as the countries currently with the least Mobile Broadband penetration – France and Spain – experience the fastest growth in subscribers in the coming years,” said Shaun Collins, Managing Director at CCS Insight.

“HSPA technology will drive this rapid uptake across Europe as mobile operators and their customers continue to benefit from its expanding, vibrant and competitive ecosystem,” claimed Michael O’Hara, chief marketing officer at the GSMA.

O’Hara continues: “As the GSM family of technologies continues to evolve and we see increased deployments of HSPA+ and LTE networks, Mobile Broadband users will experience even faster data rates, more than sufficient to compete with fixed line broadband offerings.”

Among Europe's major markets, the highest charging countries for Mobile Broadband are France, where 4GB of data can cost a subscriber almost 85 euros a month, and Germany, where subscribers can pay 45 euros for each gigabyte of data

France and Spain will see the fastest growth in Mobile Broadband users, and the advent of new subscribers – and a fourth operator in France – will be accompanied by a reduction in average charges.

The most common allowances across Europe are 1GB, 3GB and 5GB a month

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