Three ways to crack an inteview

David Baker, MD of interview training firm Evolutions, gives his top tips for improving your chances at interview

What are your top tips for preparing for an interview?

From the moment you know you have an interview you should prepare for it. Research is key, research the company, the interviewer and questions that may be raised. Have a clear understanding of the format of the interview; will you have to sit a test, have a one-to-one interview, deliver a presentation or participate in a group interview.

You need to be confident you are ready. The only way to achieve this is by doing the research.

What are the most common mistakes people make at an interview?

People think they will find out what they need to know at the interview. A good interviewer will, however, spot somebody ‘winging it’ a mile off.

How can you turn a difficult question to your advantage?

The most difficult questions are meant to expose our weaknesses, a common one being "What are your weaknesses?"

Never say you don't have any, everybody has weaknesses. Instead choose an example beforehand then explain what you have done or are doing to rectify it. This demonstrates that you are aware of your shortfalls but you don't just accept them and are willing do what is needed to put them right. 

This takes us right back to the importance of preparation.

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