Three in five under-ten-year-olds have a mobile

Three in five primary school children have a mobile phone, according to recent research, but more than half of their parents don't monitor how they are using it.

The research, paid for by gadget website,, asked 1,398 parents with children under 10 which gadgets their children owned.

Of those who said that their child had a mobile, 52% said they were pressured into providing it, while one in four felt it was safer for their child to have it for emergencies. 54% said they didn’t monitor how their children used their mobiles.

Of the parents who said that they wouldn’t allow their child to have a phone, three in four (76%) said that they thought they were unnecessary, and 7% thought they were a risk to their child’s health.

The survey also revealed that 57% of respondents' children owned a laptop to help them to do their homework, 652% had a handheld console, 46% an MP3 player and 44% a digital camera.

41% of parents said they allowed their under-10s to have a television in their bedrooms, mainly to cut out arguments over the remote control.

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