Survey gives mixed picture of IT spend plans

Project  delays, cost custs, and budget constraints continue to be the order of the day for most IT departments, according to the National Computing Centre’s survey of 2010 IT infrastructure plans.

The research was undertaken by NCC’s Evaluation Centre unit, an interactive online service guiding IT buyers in the selection and use of business software, services, and technology.

Among the sectors represented were: IT and telecoms (13 per cent), public sector (13 per cent), construction (11 per cent), business services (9 per cent), and distribution and logistics (8 per cent). Over a quarter of those surveyed – 28 per cent – admit that they have had to undertake significant cost cutting in IT operations, and a further 32 per cent have had to make ‘moderate’ cuts. However, 21 per cent say that have only had to make ‘limited’ cuts, and 19 per cent of those polled report that they have had no cost cuts at all.

Many organisations are delaying investment in their enterprise ICT infrastructure, suggest the NCC findings: 38 per cent admit that they are postponing hardware upgrades, while 33 per cent have suspended software refreshes and upgrades, while 29 per cent are delaying upgrades to their network infrastructure.

Looking ahead into Q3/Q4 2010, 33 per cent of respondents are expecting a further decrease in their IT budget, and 47 per cent expecting it to stay about the same. Only 13 per cent of respondents anticipate a budget increase.

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