SSTL splits for growth

Surrey Satellite Technology Limited is splitting its business in two to serve its earth observation and science and telecommunications missions.

The new business units will be responsible for the complete life cycle of missions, ensuring that customers continue to get the close attention that they expect from SSTL as the company grows.

The telecommunications and navigation business unit will be run by Dr John Paffett, who was responsible for Europe's first Galileo navigation satellite, GIOVE-A and SSTL's geostationary communications satellite programme. SSTL has just been awarded a contract with its partner OHB-System to provide 14 spacecraft for the European Galileo navigation system. SSTL will also soon start work with the Telecommunications Regulation Authority of Sri Lanka to develop a  communications satellite and start a Sri Lankan space agency.

The Earth Observation and Science business unit will be run by Paul Brooks, currently director of business development and sales and previously responsible for the Medium Wave Infrared and TopSat remote sensing missions. SSTL is involved in a remote sensing mission for Kazakhstan and the launch of the NigeriaSat-2 and NX satellites later this year

Matt Perkins, CEO of SSTL, said: "We see maintaining the SSTL ethos as the company grows as critical to our continued success. The formation of two focussed business units will enable SSTL to grow, while preserving this ethos and maintaining our unique and cost effective methodology which is built on a common foundation of engineering and a programmatic approach."

SSTL is owned by EADS Astrium.

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