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Grime artiste Kano calls on diploma students to make his new video promoting the qualification

“We want the Frankincense, the gold and the myrrh, the Sterling, the girls in the diamonds and fur,” read the lyrics of “More than one way”, the song he’s recorded for a viral campaign to encourage youngsters to sign up for the diplomas.

More than you thought you’d ever get out of engineering? Yup, me too. Never mind, let’s listen to Jade, one of the very sensible engineering diploma students who helped make the video for the project. (Many of the backstage workers - set construction, makeup, sound engineering and so on - are doing diplomas.) Imagine a Geordie accent here: “I think it’s been an excellent experience. You could read everything out of a book but you’ll get on the set and not have a clue what it looks like.” Now that sounds more like an engineer.

Download the video for free at - and follow the on-screen click-throughs to see who did what.

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