'New model' Government ICT plan 'will save �3.2bn'

Savings to the public expenditure of £3.2bn per year from 2014 are to be made through transformations in public sector ICT, the Government is claiming.

Measures set out in ‘The Government’s ICT Strategy’ plan for a ‘smarter, cheaper, and greener public sector ICT infrastructure’. The government says that it is now aiming to create a single ‘secure, resilient, and flexible’ network infrastructure which will enable every area of government ‘to adapt their ICT to best deliver for the public’.

Other changes announced in the report include the union of Government departments, local government and wider public sector organisations to remove departmental overlaps and avoid duplication of technology.

‘The Government’s ICT Strategy’ builds on the Smarter Government programme which sets out ways in which the government will aim at halving the public deficit over the next four years. These include efficiency savings by increasing the use of online services, streamlining contact with the public, and reducing digital exclusion.

"Technology has changed, the economy has changed, and ICT in government must also change,” says Government CIO John Suffolk. “This strategy sets out a new model for Government ICT.”

Key measures the strategy include:

  • Establishing a Government Cloud or ‘G-Cloud’ that will enable public sector bodies to select and host ICT services from one secure shared network.
  • Consolidating hundreds of computer data centres, which hold all Government digital information, to about 10 to 12 secure, resilient centres.
  • Creating a Government ‘Applications store’ - a marketplace for sharing and reusing online computer programmes.

More information:
www.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/cio/ict.aspx and at www.civilservice.gov.uk/it

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