LeCroy moves into education market with scopes

Oscilloscope maker LeCroy is making a push into the low-end and education markets to try to improve overall market share.

The company, which has traditionally focused on high-end instruments, has gradually lowered its entry points to the point today where it will now sell a 40MHz-bandwidth WaveAce model for £550, with customers in the education sector able to buy it for £440 until the end of March.

“Just a few years ago, LeCroy was unavailable for anything less than £10,000,” said Art McFall, distribution sales manager for LeCroy (pictured above). “Today, we can address the market for hobbyists, schools and higher education.”

McFall added that the low-end business accounts for approximately a fifth of all oscilloscopes sold.

Nicola Gomiero, UK and Italy regional manager, said: “Before now it was impossible to achieve high market share because we did not cover the whole market. Our product coverage is so much higher than it was in the past.”

McFall added that moving into the education market is important for the company: “One of our distributors has been saying for a number of years that people don’t get exposed to the LeCroy way of working.”

“Without having an entry-level family, we were missing an opportunity for students to become familiar with the scopes and then go into industry and ask their managers for LeCroy scopes,” said Gomiera.

Some features are designed to help new users with operating an oscilloscope. McFall said: “There are things that come up on the screen to tell you what they are. We really tried to improve the user interface. But the ability to look at harmonic content through features such as fast Fourier transforms is not common on equipment in this class.”

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