IET ready to offer assistance to Haiti

The IET’s America network is calling on all members to offer their support in efforts to rebuild Haiti’s infrastructure

The IET’s America network is calling on all members to offer their support in efforts to rebuild Haiti’s infrastructure. 

The IET are putting together a multi-skilled team to submit an offer of help that is being led by Steve Mustard, the Chairman of the Americas Regional Board and any offers of help should in the first instance be directed to him at

“Because Haiti is in the Caribbean and Americas region, the American regional board feel that there is an opportunity here for the volunteers to help the government and the people of Haiti to get things up and running again,” Mustard said. “In the long-term we can provide help in rebuilding the infrastructure that they have lost.

“We already know a number of people in our region who have the skills and expertise, such as communications, infrastructure and energy, but we know that there are a lot of other members out there, at least 3,500, who have similar skills and even skills that we don’t even know about yet. It would be nice to find out if these people are interested in getting involved to help and if they are to contact us so that we can put together a group of people who can then liaise with the people in the Caribbean through our colleagues in Trinidad.”

The initial plan is to form a working group who can be consulted. “At this early stage I don’t know what we can do, but we have so much expertise in the areas that the people of Haiti will need that we should be able to contribute,” he added. “Everybody is horrified about what has happened there and we are all thinking about the people.”

As to the exact scope of the response Mustard explained that would be formulated further down the line. “It is going to have to be a multi-pronged attack and will probably include The IEEE and our colleagues in Trinidad & Tobago,” he said. “There are going to be a lot of companies trying to get involved in the rebuilding programme so one of the things that we could do is provide some balanced and unbiased advice as to plans and proposals are sensible and whether the companies proposing them are the right companies to be involved. We have no vested interest apart from wanting to help and do the right things.”

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