Fierce competition as job ads try to catch your eye

Are the job ads doing their job? The IET awards for excellence in recruitment advertising are announced next month.

You’d be forgiven for feeling no-one’s very interested in you, given the grim figures for new jobs at the moment.

But you’d be wrong.

There’s a whole industry of recruitment advertisers dedicated to trying to catch your eye and make you apply for one particular job.

Entries for an IET competition to encourage better engineering and technology recruitment include innovations such as Xbox in-game advertising, highly creative website advertising, and interesting uses of social networking sites.

Bob Anthony, editor of recruitment industry website and chair of the awards, says that "undergraduates in particular, however, still expect recruiters to produce a brochure, and several superb examples have been entered for the competition.  

“On-campus marketing campaigns are well represented too: research findings indicate that the most effective graduate recruitment method of all involves people meeting each other and talking.  

"Last but not least many fine examples of print advertising have been entered for the prize; recruitment communications – and administration – have been transformed by the internet in recent years, yet even the most sophisticated organisations recognise that a mix of media is essential for optimum results.”

The 2009 IET Prize is run with to “encourage excellence in communications in engineering and technology recruitment”; the winners will be announced at Savoy Place next month.

Pictured above is the winning ad campaign from last year (the first time the IET awards were run) where advertising agency aia designed a poster recruiting engineers for the Metropolitan Police.

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