Farnborough industrial exhibition claims steady growth

A “quick fix for virtually any procurement challenge” is the claim made for the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show 2010, which opens in two weeks time at FIVE, the events venue by Farnborough Airport in Hampshire.

The aim is diversity and accessibility, said Phil Valentine, managing director of the company behind the show, ETES. He said claimed that the show’s “uniquely broad focus” has allowed it to grow to become an industrial showcase.

He explained that as well as exhibition areas dedicated to electronics manufacturing, subcontracting, machinery, automotive and aerospace, precision engineering, and production, there would also be seminars on areas such as Lean and Six Sigma, rapid manufacturing, marketing strategies for industrial SMEs, supply chain management, and the latest EU legislation on waste management and CE marking.

“Industrial enterprise in the UK today is far more diverse than ever before,” he said. “Today’s engineering professional has to be nimble and pro-active in keeping pace with developments in tooling, techniques, and products, while still staying productive. Add to that the need to stay aware of topics like changing legislation, marketing techniques and business management, and it’s not hard to see how difficult that would be to achieve by attending the kind of monolithic single-interest shows of previous years.”

The event takes place from 10th-11th February.

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