Extra dosh coming your way at Brunel Loughborough or Southampton

Good news if you’re at Southampton, Loughborough or Brunel unis – and if you're into one of three very specific high-tech fields. Want to know which ones?

The first three state of the art manufacturing research centres funded under a new £70M Government investment will be based at these universities, to help UK businesses develop the technology products of the future and underpin manufacturing growth.

The three new Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) centres will focus research efforts in:

Photonics (the science and application of light using optical fibres to revolutionise the internet and telecommunications) at Southampton;

Regenerative Medicine (therapies to enable damaged, diseased or defective tissues to work normally again) at Loughborough; and

Liquid Metals (developing innovative technologies for the reuse and recycling of metal) at Brunel.

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