'Botched' IT projects cost �26bn claims 'Independent' report

Failed public sector IT projects have cost UK taxpayers more than £26bn according to The Independent. An investigation by the newspaper has uncovered a litany of delays, budget overruns, and cancelled initiatives across a range of government departments and agencies.

Among the listed troubled roll-outs, the paper cites a project ‘meant to save the Department for Transport (DfT) about £57m eventually cost £81m’, and the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Information Infrastructure project, which is running more than £180m over budget and 18 months late, and is now set to cost £7.1bn.

Other projects named in the reports include:

  • Benefit Processing Replacement Programme.
  • Defence Information Infrastructure (DII).
  • GCHQ ‘box move’ of technology.
  • Libra system (for magistrates' courts).
  • National Identity Scheme.
  • National Offender Management Information System (C-Nomis).
  • National Programme for IT (NHS).
  • Prism IT project.
  • Shared Services Centre.
  • Single Payment Scheme system (SPS).

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