3 Scandinavia plans 84Mbit/s 3G network

The maximum datarates that operator 3 offers Danish and Swedish customers will quadruple when it rolls out an 84Mbit/s HSPA network upgrade.

The upgrade will be complemented by a new 900MHz 3G network, the first in Sweden, supplied and supported by Ericsson.

"We were the first to launch turbo 3G in the Nordic region and now we are first signing up for the world's fastest 3G," said Peder Ramel, CEO at 3 Scandinavia.

Mikael Bäckström, head of market unit Nordic and Baltics at Ericsson, said: "The confidence 3 is showing in us and our products is a result of our focus on being a long-term partner and contributing to 3's ambitions for high-speed mobile broadband services in Scandinavia."

The three-year contract between Ericsson and 3 includes the HSPA Evolution capacity upgrade of its existing 3G network from 21Mbit/s to 42Mbit/s and then 84Mbit/s, plus a new WCDMA/HSPA radio access network on the 900MHz frequency band. Ericsson is also providing IP-based optical and microwave backhaul, and support services. Installation of the new network will start in the nest two months.

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