Renesas couples ARM to PowerVR for phone processor

Renesas Technology has started sampling the an application processor engine based on the ARM Cortex A8 that runs at more than 1GHz.

The SH-Mobile APE4 device can perform 1080p full-HD video recording and playback at 30fps and handle 3D graphics rendering using a 16Mpixel image signal processor and a 3D graphics engine based on Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR SGX*2.

“With broadband wireless access like UMTS/HSPA or LTE, customers can have the internet at their fingertips wherever and whenever. Access to music, videos and games with mobile phones becomes as simple as it became on the PC a few years ago,” claimed Carsten Wild, marketing manager for application processor platforms at Renesas. “Renesas has developed the application processor engine, SH-Mobile APE4, as the first device in a new class of application processors.”

To cut component count in mobile systems, the processor includes a 24bit TFT colour LCD controller, three SD host controllers and two USB 2.0 modules. It also includes a PAL/NTSC encoder and an HDMI interface that supports version 1.3a of the digital video protocol. The SH-Mobile APE4 is house in a ball-grid array package that is designed to allow for package-on-package vertical stacking of low power, multiple chip package memory such as LP-DDR2 to reduce the overall system footprint.

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