Netbooks sales up 38 per cent in Europe

Sales of netbook PCs grew 38 per cent over the last year in Europe, with tight budgets forcing buyers to seek the best deals on portable computers.

Volume sales figures compiled by the Context Distributor Panel – an index of 58 European PC distributors – show Asian manufacturers Acer, Asus and Samsung dominating the market.

Many of those sales are to students and consumers signing up to broadband deals with mobile operators. But there is evidence to suggest that growing numbers of netbooks will find their way into the office in the future.

The news comes after research firm Gartner this week [7/12] released a study predicting that 14 per cent of employees will be using their own portable PC for work purposes by mid 2010, partly driven by a rise in company-run schemes encouraging workers to use their own computers in order to reduce the employers own cost base.

The survey of 528 IT managers across the UK, US and Germany estimated that one in ten employees already use their own laptop at work, despite the security risks and support issues associated with non-standard configurations.

Some industries, like insurance and telecommunications are more likely to allow employees to use personal computers in the work place than others, such as governments, manufacturers or wholesalers, said Gartner.

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