IDC projects growth for European printers

The hardcopy peripherals market in Europe, the Middle East and Asia is set to return to growth in 2010 as a number of key economies across the region begin to stabilise and pull out of recession, according to analyst firm IDC.

Total shipment volume in the region is set to increase by 2.8 per cent per year until the end of 2013, with growth being led primarily by the colour laser multi-function printer product segment, returning a 19.5 per cent growth rate, with monochrome laser printers growing 9.1 per cent from 2009 to 2013.

Leigh Worthing, senior analyst at IDC, said: “Any optimism generated by the improving economic conditions must be balanced with caution as recovery in the EMEA region could yet prove to be fragile — a view underscored by the fact that a number of large economies such as Spain, the UK, Russia and Ukraine were still experiencing negative growth throughout 3Q09.”

The uncertain and potentially turbulent economic conditions, which will continue to prevail over the short to medium term, will mean that any manufacturer or vendor operating in the EMEA hardcopy peripherals market will need to consider its approach to the market.

Phil Sergeant, research manager at IDC covering the Western European print markets, said: “Although IDC forecasts that overall shipments in the Western European subregion will increase by 1.7 per cent CAGR to 31.2 million units, businesses and consumers in developed Western European economies will undoubtedly change their purchasing behaviour as a result of recent economic pressures. Changes in purchasing behaviour may include where and how end users decide to purchase products and services; for larger companies and corporate customers managed contracts rather than outright purchases will become a more attractive option, whereas consumers and small businesses will take more factors into account before purchasing new devices.”

Mitri Roufka, research director at IDC,  said the Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa (CEMA) region “will revive in 2010 and record strong growth by almost 15 per cent in units and 24 per cent in revenues. Growth in the second half of 2010 is expected to be faster than in first half of the year, with MFP and color laser products expected to realise the highest growth rates”.

Although multifunction products will see growth, basic inkjet printers will see a decline of 14.1 per cent a year to just over 3 million units as the product category continues its decline towards a niche technology, IDC said.

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