Better PC and software management saves thousands

UK businesses can save thousands of pounds a year just by turning off their PCs at night, say experts, with the removal of unused software generating further savings.

Software analytics firm Openplain estimates that when left on, a standard desktop PC uses an average of 1750kWh of electricity per year, making the cost of running each computer (assuming current per kWh price of 10p) around £175 per year.

By turning off those computers when they are not in use, the annual running cost could be cut to £35 per year per PC, equating to a total saving of £14,000 per year for a medium size company operating 100 PCs.

A survey of 12,500 UK users conducted by Openplain concluded that around 60 per cent of UK workers leave their PCs on when the leave the office, leading to considerable amount of unnecessary and expensive power consumption.

Wastage was also found in software, with the average company using only 70 per cent of the software which it has purchased and installed, found the survey.

It estimates that software expenditure within medium and large size companies averages £1,250 per employee, which could be reduced to £375 if all unused software was removed or licensed on a concurrent usage rather than a per seat basis.  

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