Techies are 'UK's unhealthiest workers'

A study of 1,734 working Brits by the UK’s leading weight loss personal training agency has found that people who work in IT jobs exercised the least out of all the professions nationwide..

The study found that 63 per cent of Brits polled are failing to meet the set activity guidelines, with the average UK person active for just 90 minutes a week.

With regards to the unhealthiest diets in the UK, IT. workers also feature prominently. Just 14 per cent claim to eat five instances of fruit and vegetables throughout the day, while their caffeine intake is the highest nationwide – on average, IT workers admitted to drinking the caffeine equivalent of 10 cups of coffee a day, two cups more than the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of 800mg. Fifty per cent of the IT workers who responded to the study, meanwhile,  claimed to consume ‘energy drinks’ every single day.

The most inactive professions in the UK by percentage in terms of reaching government activity targets break down as:

  1. IT staff – 19 per cent.
  2. Receptionists – 26 per cent.
  3. Salespeople – 28 per cent.
  4. Checkout operators– 31 per cent.
  5. Marketing – 33 per cent.
  6. Customer services – 37 per cent.
  7. Administrative workers – 38 per cent.
  8. Taxi drivers – 41 per cent.
  9. Retail workers – 45 per cent.
  10. Shop attendants – 47 per cent.

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