Protocol plan for smart devices

Smart standard for smart devices?

The Smart Device Communications Engineering Committee, known as TR-50, wants to create a ubiquitous protocol for communicating with smart devices used in industries such as manufacturing, medical, building automation/home automation, transportation, entertainment, semiconductor, communication, and energy distribution.

The protocol would be used for both remote monitoring and control. Uses could include signaling faults and preventative maintenance flags, energy and network measurements, diagnostics, and configuration.

The TIA says it "will work to incorporate the best of many specifications that have been created over the last 15 years while avoiding mistakes of the past, creating a flexible, adaptable technology protocol that will survive well into the future'.

“TIA’s vision for this new committee is to foster collaboration and coordination with other appropriate organizations addressing various components of smart device communication systems,” said Cheryl Blum, TIA’s vice president for standards and technology. “This initiative has already stimulated great interest among companies whose business is in smart devices, and we expect a widespread level of involvement and support.”

Companies that have expressed interest in supporting this initiative include Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Inc., Intel Corporation, ILS Technology, LGE, Motorola, Nokia Siemens Networks, Qualcomm, Telcordia Technologies, Tyco Electronics, Verari Systems and Ygomi.

TIA represents wireless, mobile, smart phone, network solutions, network management, data server, conferencing, M2M, fibre, satellite, cable, and other technology manufacturers and vendors that serve the needs of the connected planet.

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