One in six mobiles to have NFC by 2014 - forecast

That's a lot of tags

NFC technology can be used to make short-distance wireless links between handsets and readers, for things such as travel passes, low-value payments and coupon schemes.

Howard Wilcox, the report's author, said: "Our research found that both the business model and the rollout of point-of-sale NFC readers at merchant locations are issues that need solving – depending on the country. As these are overcome NFC is poised to enter an operational build-up phase culminating in mass service rollouts across many countries, typically in metro areas driven by transport ticketing.”

The report also predicts that 2014, $110bn worth of transactions will be done over NFC, with particularly high growth in usage in North America and Western Europe. It also suggests that the average revenue per customer from NFC coupons and smart posters will exceed that from NFC payment transactions.

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