IT managers still 'fear outsourcing security risks' claim

The popularity of outsourcing has not allayed misgivings among IT managers on the security risks surrounding switching from in-house systems, claims IT solutions company NIIT.

A YouGov survey commissioned by IT assurance specialist NCC Group, found that 20 per cent of IT managers working in large businesses believe that their outsourced systems and processes have ‘less IT security than those based in-house’.

The report also revealed the rise of outsourcing, with 89 per cent of large companies in the UK outsourcing at least one IT system or business process. A separate PA International Outsourcing Survey earlier this year, meanwhile, found that 31 per cent of companies plan to outsource more IT over the next 12 months.

“IT managers are right to exercise caution when switching business critical functions to a third party – but they should not be swayed by false fears about outsourcing,” says NIIT Technologies senior vice president Ravi Pandey.

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