Infineon takes ARM architecture licence

Infineon Technologies has taken an architectural licence from ARM to let the German company design and make a series of customised smartcard processors.

Infineon will receive an licence to cover the ARMv6M and ARMv7M architectures, becoming the only ARM partner to have an ARM architecture licence specifically for security applications. Under this agreement, Infineon will put its own security measures into the processor core implementation while maintaining compatibility with the standard ARM processor instruction set.

Infineon aims to have the first products in volume production by the second half of 2011, initially targeting the market for multimedia SIM cards. In addition, Infineon will combine the ARM architecture and its Integrity Guard hardware security technology for high-end security applications.

“With this strategic cooperation, Infineon consequently follows its strategy to base its security products on its own cores. We will create proprietary security cores which combine our state-of-the-art security features along with the specific benefits of the ARM architecture, offering high performance, low power and the ARM ecosystem,” said Helmut Gassel, president of Infineon’s smartcard and security division.

Mike Inglis, general manager of the processor division at ARM, claimed: “We continue to enjoy considerable success in the smartcard market with our SecurCore processors and our collaboration with Infineon is an element of our ongoing strategy to enable developers in the embedded security market to be able to utilise the ARM architecture in their future designs.”

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