Ferry to create new Wales-England link

A regular fast ferry service will begin operation between South Wales and the South West of England next year, dramatically cutting journey times between the two shores of the Bristol Channel.

Ferry operator Severn Link says the service between Swansea and Ilfracombe will use 34-knot, 360-passenger catamarans, taking just fifty minutes to complete a journey that would take at least four times as long by car. There will be on-board facilities including a cafeteria window and possibly a trolley service.

The service will run all year round. It is expected that there will be a minimum of two return trips a day, rising to as many as five in peak times.

Severn Link is the brainchild of Chris Marrow, a marine professional with a track record in creating new ferry routes, all of which are in operation today. Marrow says: "To my knowledge, there is no other comparable stretch of water in the world, linking similarly populated areas, which doesn’t have a heavily utilised ferry service – and market research has shown that there is a huge demand for this ferry route within South Wales and South West England.

"The Severn Link ferries will open up multiple opportunities – not just for ease of travel between the two regions for tourists, commuters and travellers, but also to help forge business links and bring the two neighbouring areas closer in many positive ways."

The service will begin operation around Easter 2010 between Swansea and Ilfracombe, with plans already in place to add extra destinations in North Devon, West Somerset and South Wales.


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