Microsoft launches Windows Phone

Microsoft has announced the availability of a new range of mobile phones featuring the latest iteration of the Windows Mobile platform – which features better support for touch screens, a new web browser, a free sync service and improved social network integration.

The company, famous for its PC operating system, claims that the new operating system, which is a rebrand of Windows Mobile 6.5, will have increasing appeal to consumers who are firmly within the company’s sites.

The phone will feature native support for resistive touch screens, but as yet, there is no support for multi-touch or capacitive touch screens.

Microsoft has also launched an online backup and synchronisation service, My Phone, that allows users to automatically synchronise contacts, appointments, texts and photos to a password protected portal. Photos can also be published automatically to Windows Live, Facebook, My Space, and Flickr.

Additionally, a service is also available that will allow users to go online and map the location where it was last synchronised. For a premium, users will be able to subscribe to a ‘lost phone’ package which will allow users to locate the phone’s current location on a map, remotely lock it and launch an ‘if found’ message to its screen.

In this mode, the phone will be able to ring loud even if set to silent or vibrate. Additionally, users will be able to completely erase the phone’s content to protect personal data from falling into the wrong hands.

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