Georgia Tech and Intersil team on power management R&D

Intersil is to work with the Georgia Institute of Technology on an analogue processing centre, focusing on power-management circuit designs.

As energy costs soar and greenhouse gases accumulate, there is an increasing need for higher-voltage, higher-performance semiconductor technologies for power grids worldwide.

“The clean and efficient generation, transmission and storage of power are key challenges of the twenty-first century,” said Dave Bell, CEO of Intersil.

This alliance involves an on-campus Analogue Processing Centre of Excellence (ACE) and research efforts across multiple Georgia Tech facilities as part of the Georgia Electronic Design Centre (GEDC). Intersil and GEDC engineers, along with Georgia Tech students and faculty, will focus on creating power management circuit designs. Intersil and the Institute will also engage in joint development on process technology development for semiconductors used in high-voltage power management and distribution. The new centre will also use a technique developed at a Georgia Tech-founded company known as collaborative signal processing that avoids impairments such as signal loss, dispersion, skew and noise.

In addition, Intersil will fund two graduate fellowships in electrical engineering.

“Georgia Tech's partnership with Intersil is an ideal example of academic and industrial leaders joining forces to co-develop advanced real-world technologies,” said Georgia Tech president GP ‘Bud’ Peterson. “Working together, we will develop sustainable energy solutions and create jobs.”

The GEDC facility already employs eight engineers who use state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) tools to do complex analogue systems simulation.

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