We take a first look at Apple's new baby iPod Nano as well as a clutch of other delectable devices.

1 Apple iPod Nano

The latest Nano is the same size as the previous one but inside is a larger screen, FM transmitter, microphone, pedometer and video camera. The video function shoots at a relatively low-res VGA 640x480, 30 frames-per-second, but doesn't take still images. Worst of all, the lens placement, at the left and bottom, places it under your fingers - but the inbuilt accelerometer means you can turn the Nano sideways or upside down and the screen will reorient. Sound quality for recorded video isn't great but the microphone means the Nano's now usable as a recording device without an external mic. The radio's the other major improvement as it can pause live radio. [new window]

From £115

2 Gorillamobile

Did you know that one of the niftiest camera tripods around is also available for the iPod 3GS and other mobile phones? Now there's no excuse not to take advantage of the improved still camera and new video recording capabilities of the new iPhone. Its pliable legs enable you to secure it to virtually any surface. It also includes a universal camera adapter making switching between all handheld devices easy. Unfortunately, we only have pricing in Euros (35), but it will be available in the UK from the end of this month. [new window]

Available end of October, price tbc

3 Casa Bugatti Vera

Casa Bugatti's kettle is the Veyron for the kitchen: gorgeous, engineered to the extreme and eye-wateringly expensive. The 1.7 litre conical body reduces energy consumption by 25 per cent, and temperature can be set between 45 and 98 degrees. LEDs in the handle show time, water level and temperature and three buttons let you set the clock, temperature and programme the kettle to boil at a set time. The 2.4kW concealed heating element boils a cup of water in 20 seconds. The only downsides are you can't judge water level until the Vera's on; and the minimum digital readout is 800ml, far more than an average cup. [new window]

£175 from November

4 3 Mi-Fi Wireless Modem

As well as recently launching a free SIM that lets you make Skype-to-Skype calls while mobile for free, forever; 3 has also released this ingenious gizmo. Slot a 3 SIM into the device and you can wirelessly share its mobile broadband data connection with any nearby Wi-Fi devices. The HSDPA supporting device handles up to 7.2Mbps speeds, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and runs for up to five hours off a Li-Ion battery. Link in several laptops and you've got a mobile office space. Of course, some high-end smartphones do the same job. [new window]

From £70 with £15 monthly contract

5 Plantronics Discovery 975

This top-of-the-range Bluetooth headset features all of the mod cons you'd expect, and one you wouldn't. The 975's most unusual feature is the case it comes in - it features an inbuilt battery that recharges the headset when tucked inside. The headset remains working while in the case (and lights on the case helpfully flash when a call comes in), and a charge indicator for the case and headset help you manage timing. Beyond that, state-of-the-art wind-baffling and noise-cancelling technology mean calls are admirably clear, even in difficult conditions. [new window]


6 Ferguson Hill home cinema systems

While the application may have changed, the shape and theory behind Ferguson Hill's conical speakers remain the same - the di-polar horns avoid the need for a speaker cabinet, which is one of the central causes of interference. Both the budget FH009 and more serious FH010s come with a pair of bass speakers to round out the mid-range voice-friendly horn speakers. In the case of the FH009s, these bass bins are encased with an integrated class A-B amplifier (with stereo RCA phono sockets). The speakers can also be wall-mounted, for ultimate designer home flash factor. [new window]

FH009, £795
FH010, around £6,000

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