Feeling the noise may save hearing and minimise noise pollution

If you have ever been on a train or a bus and the person next to you has had their cheap and cheerful headphones pumping drum'n'bass at full blast so that everyone can hear it will be relieved if this item takes off.

Korean company iFeelu demonstrated their EX2, 2.2 channel body-sonic vibration earphone system, which they claim will minimise the damage to eardrums. The company believes it will discourage music fans from turning up the volume to dangerous levels.

The company further claims that users will be able to use them in quiet environments such as libraries without disturbing anyone else.

The headphones work with a bone conduction element which simulates the rumble that thumping bass sounds produce – without the sound itself.

Marketing director for iFeelu, Lee Inchul, said, “EX2 will emerge as an essential device to enjoy the vivid feelings of rumbling sound in action games.”

The company is currently looking for European distribution.

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