E&T video: Abbey Road Studios vintage equipment and The Beatles in mono

E&T visits Abbey Road Studios to talk to mastering engineer Sean Magee about the TG 12410 Transfer Console and the studio's new online mastering service. We also discuss remastering The Beatles in mono.

Abbey Road Studios' TG series of bespoke musical equipment gave EMI's famous recording studio a unique sound.

Designed, built and maintained by EMI's in-house team of engineers, the transistor-based solid-state designs replaced the REDD valve gear of the previous decades. Many units from the TG series - produced in the late 1960s and early 1970s - are still in use at Abbey Road today.

E&T met mastering engineer Sean Magee in Abbey Road's Mastering Room 6.

For more videos - including a demonstration on cutting a vinyl record, using a Neumann lathe at Abbey Road Studios - visit http://kn.theiet.org/magazine/videos

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Abbey Road Studios online mastering
http://www.abbeyroadonlinemastering.com/ [new window]

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