Enterprises want 'cohesive' storage and information management

Eighty-five per cent of organisations want to get their data storage, information and content management, and application development into ‘an IT process that enables businesses to add value’, according to research launched on the first day of Storage Expo 2009.

The survey of over 400 storage professionals showed that they want a more ‘cohesive’ approach, the present situation is far from ideal, with figures revealing that 75 per cent of organisations often have their information management and data storage working in separate storage volumes.

Multiple barriers need to be ‘broken down’ in order to make progress and bring storage and information management out of their “silos”, says Steve O’Donnell, managing director of market-watcher Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG): “The first and most obvious point is organisation - with information management reporting to the CIO and data storage reporting to the CTO, there is a conflict of objectives.”

He adds: “While the CIO wants data tightly-integrated into functional business applications, somewhat regardless of costs, the CTO wants a single storage platform that he can squeeze costs out of.”

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