Redundancy advice service launched

Help is at hand for employers and individuals as CMI launches a service focusing entirely on redundancy

From providing advice about how to ‘showcase’ skills and experience through to helping individuals decide their next career move, Dr Redundancy offers support for everyone feeling the impact of job losses. Guidance is also available for employers looking to adapt their business to changes brought about by redundancy.

The package includes a free telephone consultation with a trained specialist.  The website also offers free-to-download resources covering issues such as ‘how to identify transferable skills’ and ‘understanding the legal position of redundancy’.  It also gives practical tips on what to do immediately after being made redundant. The full service provides a job search engine, legal advice helpline, access to research support and career advice. 

Visitors to the site will be able to post questions for Dr Redundancy to answer directly, and share their personal experiences of dealing with job loss. By creating a network of people who are dealing with similar challenges, the CMI is encouraging people to share advice and support each other. As well as catering for individuals, employers are being encouraged to use the service as an additional means of support for staff being made redundant or those who are at risk. Dr Redundancy can also provide guidance for those who may be dealing with a range of emotions and challenges as a result of making colleagues redundant or losing team members. 

Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive of the Chartered Management Institute said:  “Redundancy can have a negative impact on your confidence and self-belief, but it’s very important that people don’t take it personally.

“It’s crucial that people don’t waste time sitting around at home doing nothing, as this can be incredibly de-motivating. We need skilled individuals to get back out into the job market quickly, or we risk a possible skills drain or prolonged recession

“Encouragingly our research shows that 51 per cent of managers believe that the current economic climate provides the perfect opportunity to reassess their career. We want to harness this positive attitude and encourage people to see redundancy as an opportunity to assess their abilities, strengths and goals and move on.”

To start using the Dr Redundancy service, visit 

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