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“VMware and HP have joined together to help customers maximize their return on investment in virtualization, continuing our longstanding relationship of deep technology collaboration,” said Raghuram. “The new HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server combines two industry-leading management solutions to offer customers the best of both worlds through ‘single-pane-of-glass’ infrastructure management... At the same time, customers will be able to improve operational efficiencies by spending less time on maintenance issues and more time building out solutions that will help increase revenue.”

Mark says: Impressive effort from one of VNware's senior honchoes. Nice mix of redoubtable stand-bys like “solutions”, “return on investment”, and “industry-leading management solutions”, with more original buzzwords like “deep technology collaboration”. “‘Single-pane-of-glass’ infrastructure management” is a tad inelegant, and Raghuram should think about finessing that if he's planning to trot it out again. Rating: ***

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“To succeed in ‘consumerizing’ corporate technology, organizations will need new talent and skills that blend a deep understanding of the business; artistic talents in visual and social schemes that induce the desired behaviors and reactions from consumers; and expansive knowledge of how to invoke and leverage the power of Web technology and models… Many emerging jobs and roles will not simply specialize in one skill area, but will blend business, artistic and technical skills.

“Many of the needed technical capabilities originate in the social sciences and are aimed at usability and adoption of technology-related business services... These capabilities embody the notion of ‘action at the interface’ between the enterprise and its markets or between business management and technology management. Therefore, organizations are likely to shift the responsibility for leveraging technology outside centralized IT organizations and into the business units responsible for growth and innovation of revenue, products, and services.”

– Kathy Harris, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner commenting on the IT market-watcher’s report ‘Social Science Meets Technology in Next-Generation Jobs’, August 2009.

Mark says: There’s a pleasing tone of ‘lofty pronouncement’ to Harris's remarks that I like. She whips-up a heady concoction of important-sounding terms into an array of proto-soundbites that would fit well if quoted in any corporate PowerPoint Presentation headed ‘What The Future Holds the Experts’ View’. Rating: **** 

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