Faraday tops rule-changing Brits poll

On the eve of his 218th birthday, pioneering physicist and chemist (and IET figurehead) Michael Faraday was named the Greatest British Inventor after winning 25 per cent of votes in a poll conducted by Chevrolet to coincide with the launch of the new Cruze range.

The carmaker quizzed a random sample of 1200 UK adults in August to compile the country’s top 20 ‘rule changers’, based on a list suggested by inventor Trevor Bayliss. Faraday attracted nearly twice as many votes as runners-up Isambard Kingdom Brunel and William Caxton.

The full Chevrolet list was: Michael Faraday (25 per cent), Brunel (13 per cent), Caxton (9 per cent), John Logie Baird (8 per cent), Alexander Graham Bell (7 per cent), Sir Tim Berners-Lee (6 per cent), Charles Babbage (3 per cent), Joseph Swan (3 per cent), Sir Clive Sinclair (2 per cent), James Watt (2 per cent).

The remaining 22 per cent of the vote was shared between George Stephenson, Frank Whittle, Samuel Brown, John Stringfellow, Percy Shaw, Henry Bessemer, Thomas Wedgewood, Sir James Dyson, Peter Durand, and Ada Augusta Lovelace.

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