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Special events

1 October IET President's Address. Lecture and dinner. London.

6 October Future of the Internet. AGM and Chairman's Lecture. Belfast.

21 October Making Science Accessible through Literature. Lecture. Harrogate.

21 October Asset Management. Sponsored Lecture Series Glasgow.


7 October IT and Telecommunications Forensics. Lecture. Middlesbrough.

8 October Playing Host to Broadcasters. Lecture. Birkenhead.

8 October Community Broadcasting. Lecture. Neston.

9-10 October RF and Wireless. Conference. Bangalore.

12 October Shining the Light on EMC. Lecture. Malvern.

13 October Power Line's Progress. Lecture. Manchester.

22 October Tunable Antennas. Seminar. London.

27 October You are at the Centre of Your Wireless Future. Lecture. Belfast.

27 October High Fibre: BT Introduces a New Broadband Era. Lecture. Cardiff.

Control and automation

5 October Building a Sustainable Future. Lecture. Newcastle upon Tyne.

14 October Belt Drive Monitoring. Lecture. Sheffield.

26-28 October System Safety. Incorporating SaRS Annual Conference. London.


1 October Bionic Health: Next Generation Implants, Prosthetics and Devices. Seminar. London.

5 October Seven Wonders of the Nano World. Lecture. Stafford.

7 October Visit to Thales. Govan, Glasgow.

20 October Programmable Systems. Seminar. Swindon.


8 October Global Panopticon. Lecture. Crawley.

14-15 October StorageExpo. Exhibition. London.

20 October Guessing an Opponent's Strategic Intensions in Game Play. Lecture. Manchester.

20 October Patenting Software: Is it Worth the Effort? Lecture. Oxford.


1 October The Asset Management Conference. London.

5 October Disasters and How to Avoid Them. Lecture. Malvern.

6 October Training Engineers of the Future - the Government's 14-19yrs FE Agenda. Lecture. Old Trafford.

6 October Self-Employment: Panacea or Abhorrence? Lecture. Shrewsbury.

7 October Rebuilding Colossus at Bletchley Park. Lecture. Bromley.

14 October History, Inspection and Restoration of Leisure Machinery. Lecture. Grimsby.

15 October Wreck Hunters Off the Dorset Coast. Lecture. Weymouth.

20 October ARC Flash: How Big is the Bang? A Risk Assessment Approach to Electrical Flashover. Lecture. Hull.

20 October What Does Asset Management Mean: Can You Do it Better? Lecture. Ossett.


13-14 October EMCUK. Conference and exhibition. Newbury. [new window].

12-14 October International Technology and Innovation Conference 2009. Xian, China.

13 October Visit to Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust. Derby.

13 October Byworth Boilers Ltd. Visit. Keighley.

15 October Wreck Hunters Off the Dorset Coast. Lecture. Weymouth.

20 October Tour of Glen Dimplex. Technical Visit. Craigavon.

20 October BIFab: Offshore Energy. Visit. Fife.

20 October B Braun Medical Ltd. Visit. Sheffield.

21 October Confectionery Factory. Visit. Sheffield.

21 October Guardian Glass. Visit. Goole.

27 October Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing. Lecture. Manchester.

28 October CAD with Solidworks. Workshop. Liverpool.

Personal development

5 October Testing of Electrical Installations. Course. London.

6 October Introduction to Time Management. Lifeskills briefing. Sheffield.

6-8 October Level 3 Certificate in Inspection Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations. Course. London.

13-14 October Electrical Basics. Course. London.

14 October Power Tools for Successful Presentations. Lecture. Huddersfield.

15 October Certificate of Competence for Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. Course. London.


6 October Visit to National Gas Museum. Leicester.

8 October Diamond Light Project. Lecture. Leeds.

8 October Offshore Wave/Tidal Current Power Generation. Lecture. Leeds.

8 October Active Management on Power Networks. Lecture. Birmingham.

13 October Wiring Regs. Lecture. Cheltenham.

14 October Nuclear Power, Past Present and Future. Chairman's address. Dumfries.

15 October Nuclear Power, Past Present and Future. Chairman's address. Glasgow.

15 October Damage Restoration After Hurricanes. Lecture. Leicester.

20 October The Big Bang Machine and Data Processing. Lecture. Derby.

21 October The Big Bang Machine: The Large Hadron Collider. Lecture. Middlesbrough.

21 October Will Nuclear Fusion be the Long Term Answer to the World's Energy Problems? Lecture. Oxford.

22 October Sustainable Networks. Seminar. Birmingham.

26 October Renewable Energy. Seminar. New Delhi.

28 October Power System Networks: Shaping the Future of a Low Carbon Economy. Lecture. Warrington.


1 October Air Travel: Finding a Balance in a Carbon Economy. Seminar. Doncaster.

12 October The Development of the Steam Locomotive. Lecture. Preston.

13 October Railway Built Environments. Seminar. London.

13 October Crash Testing of Cars. Lecture. Scunthorpe.

13 October Hydrofoil Boats. Lecture. Stone.

15 October Lancaster Canal. Lecture. Preston.

17-18 October Advanced Forum on Transportation in China. Workshop. Beijing.

20 October Severn Barrage and Other Options: Hydro-Environmental Modelling Studies. Lecture. Stafford.

21 October The Development of the Steam Locomotive. Lecture. Kendal.

22 October High Capacity and High Speed Travel: A 21st Century Solution. Railway Network lecture. London.

25 October Secret Squadron of the 8th Air Force. Lecture. Doncaster.

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