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Special events

6 November Annual Dinner/Reunion and Student Awards Ceremony. Middlesbrough.

19 November AGM. St Julians, Malta.

20 November Annual Dinner Dance. Scunthorpe.


10 November WiMax Wireless Technology. Lecture. Swindon.

17 November WiMax: Welcome to Your Internet Future. Lecture. Manchester.

17 November Phurther Phantastic Photosites. Lecture. Crawley.

19 November Granada Studios. Visit. Manchester.

Control and automation

4 November High-Powered Electric Ship Technology. Visit to Convert Labs, Whetstone.

4 November Bioenergy. Lecture. Glasgow.

5 November Home Heating Myths. Lecture. Shrewsbury.

17 November Marine Tidal Turbine 'Seagen'. Lecture. Exeter.

19 November Control Seminar. Crawley.


9 November Millimetre-Wave Over Fibre Systems for Next Generation. Lecture. Bristol.

11 November Use of Fingerprint and Footwear Evidence in Crime Detection. Lecture. York.

12 November Mountbatten Memorial Lecture. London.

12 November REMAP. Lecture. Cheltenham.

17 November Remotely Operated Submersible Technology and its Application in Underwater Exploration. Lecture. Salisbury.

18 November Large Hadron Collider. Lecture. Stafford.

22 November Aviation Systems. Lecture. Holon.


10-11 November Datacenter Dynamics. London [new window].

20 November Data Centre Engineering and the EU Code of Conduct. One-day seminar. London.

2 November Hacking v Cracking: A Brief History. Lecture. Worcester.

3 November OK, Where is it? Real Time Location Systems for RFID. Lecture. High Wycombe.

12 November Asset Information Management. Seminar. London.

17 November Challenges in Computational Electromagnetics: Virtual Prototyping on Your Laptop. Lecture. Adelaide.

18 November What's Enterprise Architecture Got to do with it? Lecture. Brighton.


4 November Is British Engineering Management Fit for Purpose? Lecture. Bromley.

7 November So you want to be a Consultant? Workshop. Bristol.

11 November Carbon Footprinting. Lecture. Plymouth.

12 November Engineering Challenges. Lecture. Louth.

12 November Robert Stephenson. Lecture. Pontefract.

18 November What's Enterprise Architecture got to do with it? Lecture. Brighton.


12 November Airbus. Visit. Broughton.

12 November How your breakfast is made: food technology challenges of the 21st century. Lecture. Fareham.

13 November 2009 Innovation strategy with RFID. Seminar. Pavia.

Personal development

3 November Making an Impact with your CV. Workshop. Birmingham.

3-4 November Introduction to Process Modelling. Workshop. London.

3-5 November 17th Edition Electrical Regulations. Course. Birmingham.

3-5 November Fundamental Inspection Testing & Initial Verification. Course. London.

4 November Electricity at Work. Course. London.

4 November Take Control of Your Career. Workshop. Manchester.

7 November So you want to be a Consultant? Workshop. Bristol.

10-12 November 17th Edition Design. Course. London.

10 November Making an Impact with your CV. Workshop. Hull.

10 November Routes to Registration Clinic. Workshop. Sheffield.

11 November Speaking Out for Engineering. Short Papers Competition. Liverpool.

11 November City & Guilds 2382-10 GOLA Exam. Birmingham.

12 November Assertiveness Lifeskills event. Workshop. Cardiff.

16-18 November 17th Edition Electrical Regulations Course. Glasgow.

17 November Dealing with Difficult Situations. Workshop. Sheffield.

17 November Mentoring for professionals. Lecture. Coventry.

17-19 November Inspection & Testing (City & Guilds 2391-10). Course. London.

19 November 17th Edition Workshop upgrade. Course. Glasgow.

18 November Visit to Plymouth Theatre Royal. Visit. Plymouth.

18 November Mentors Training. Workshop. London.

19 November Preparing for Professional Registration.Workshop. London.


3 November Substation Technology. Conference. Birmingham.

3 November Hunter Memorial Lecture. Lecture. Birmingham.

3 November Micro Combined Heat and Power Systems and the Electricity Supply Industry. Lecture. Perth.

4 November Geothermal Exploration & Development In Australia (Hot Rocks). Lecture. Adelaide.

10 November Challenges of cheap, green and secure electricity. Lecture. Birmingham.

12 November History of the Electric Lamp. Lecture. Neston, Wirral.

17 November Progress to Intelligent Distribution in NZ. Lecture. Auckland.

17 November Shell Stanlow. Visit. Wirral.

18 November Changing a Transformer in the Hollow Mountain - Cruachan P.S. Lecture. Glasgow.

18 November Power of the Sun. Lecture. Sheffield.


9-12 November World Travel Market Technology Show. Exhibition. London. [new window].

4 November Faslane Naval Base. Visit. Clyde, Scotland.

9 November Tornado from Dream to Steam. Lecture. Grimsby.

10 November Tomorrow's Vehicles and Driving Technologies. Lecture. Nottingham.

11 November Railway Systems Engineering. Seminar. London.

11 November Myths and Challenges Facing Sustainable Transport Fuels. Lecture. Sheffield.

12 November Flying's a Wonderful Thing. Dinner/lecture. Darwen.

12 November Biofuel for Aviation - Air New Zealand's Pioneering Trial. Lecture. Wellington.

12 November Electric Propulsion for UK Warships. Lecture. Weymouth.

19 November The Bloodhound Supersonic Car - How and Why? Lecture. Swansea.

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