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Special events

4 December Christmas Meal and Social Networking Event. Thorpe Thewles.

7 December Artificial Intelligence. Christmas lecture. Malvern.

8 December Knowledge-Based Treasure Hunt. Competition. Saudi Arabia.

10 December Annual December Event. Stockport.

10 December AGM and Christmas Luncheon. Brisbane, Queensland.

14 December Children's Christmas Event. Sheffield.

14 December Temporal Evolution of Air Quality in Greater Athens Area. Lecture. Athens.


2 October - 20 December Wireless Communications: From Signals to Sounds. Exhibition. Pavia, Italy

25 November Fibre to Britain. Seminar. London.

25 November Planetary Exploration. Lecture. Nottingham.

25 November Sophisticated Small Satellites from Surrey. Lecture. Portsmouth.

30 November Earth Observation Satellites. Seminar. London.

Control and Automation

1 December The Enigma Machine.Lecture. Stone.

1 December Next-Generation Networks. Seminar. London.

2 December Are Mobile Phones a Health Hazard? Lecture. Bromley, Kent.

8 December John Logie Baird Lecture and Workshop. London.

8 December Microwave Receiver Protection. Lecture. Scunthorpe.

3 December SIL Determination. Seminar. London.

15 December Bloodhound Supersonic Car. Lecture. Bath.


25 November Total Harmonic Management. Lecture. Bromley.

25 November New Frontiers of Body Imaging in Biomedical Applications. Lecture. Guildford.

25 November Integrated Management Systems in All-Weather Lifeboats. Lecture. Newport.

1 December The Material Requirements for Life. Lecture. Sheffield.

1 December Isle of Eigg's Electricity Network. Lecture. SW Scotland.

2 December Health Monitoring of the Future: Wearable Diagnostics. Lecture. Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

10 December Neonatal Intensive Care Data. Lecture. St. Julians.

14 December Challenges in Human-Assistive Robotics. Lecture. Bristol.

15 December Large Hadron Collider. Lecture. Northern Ireland.


25 November Pinkerton Lecture. London

2 December Skills Framework for the Information Age 2009 Conference. London. [new window].

14-15 December Asia Pacific Embedded Systems Education and Research. Conference. Singapore.


25 November Midel Alternative Fluids. Lecture. Penryn.

2 December Lord Nelson of Stafford Lecture and Dinner. London.

8 December ICT and Building Schools for the Future. Lecture. Swindon.

8 December Developing Electrical Systems for Listed Buildings - Is the Church Outside the System? Lecture. Leeds.

18 December RoboThespian, Automating the Acting Profession. Lecture. Bristol.


26 November Pervasive Technologies for a Smarter Planet. Lecture. Havant.

9 December RS Components. Visit. Nuneaton.

1 December Vibrating Structures. Lecture. Manchester.

2 December Hands-On CFD with CD-Adapco. Lecture. Liverpool.

9 December Wheatstone Lecture. Lecture. London.

10 December Three-Dimensional Holography. Lecture. Leicester.

Personal Development

25 November Professional Presentations. Workshop. Portsmouth.

25 November Routes to Registration. Workshop. Durham.

25 November IET Innovation Awards. London.

25 November IET Ambition and Achievement Awards. London.

25 November Routes to Professional Registration. Workshop. Cheltenham.

26 November Opportunities After Graduation. Lecture. Brighton.

26 November City & Guilds 2382-10 GOLA. Exam. Glasgow.

26 November City & Guilds 2382- 20 GOLA. Exam. Glasgow.

1 December Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award. London.

1-3 December 17th Edition Electrical Regulations. Course. London.

1-3 December Effective Management. Workshop. London.

8 December City & Guilds 2382-10 GOLA. Exam. London.

8 December Mock Assessment and Interview Techniques. Student CPD Event. SW Scotland.

8-9 December Technical Report Writing. Workshop. London.

15 December City & Guilds 2382- 20 GOLA. Exam. London.

16 December Routes to Registration. Lecture. Liverpool.


24 November What Price Carbon? Lecture. Folkestone.

25 November Developing Digital Technology for Hydraulic Power Transmission. Lecture. Edinburgh.

26 November Manchester Town Hall. Visit and lecture. Manchester.

26 November Not Wasting Waste. Lecture. Lausanne.

1 December Nuclear Power - The Future in Britain. Lecture. Cardiff.

1 December Wind Generation in the North West. Seminar and lecture. Manchester.

1 December A Week in the Life of a Nuclear Power Station Director. Lecture and lunch. Grange over Sands.

2 December Green and Energy Efficient Buildings. Seminar. London.

2 December Search for Gravity Waves. Lecture. Cheltenham.

7 December Renewable Electrical Energy - Will it keep the Christmas Lights on in 2020? Lecture. Manchester.

15 December Nuclear Fusion. Lecture. Stafford.

4 January IETBIC 2010. Conference. Brunei.


1 December Tornado Steam Train. Lecture. Shrewsbury.

2 December Railway System Modelling and Integration.Seminar. London

2 December Bloodhound, the 1,000mph Car. Lecture. Guildford, Surrey.

7 December Advances in Battery Technology for Electrically Powered Vehicles. Lecture. Sunderland.

9 December The History of UK Vertical Take-Off Aircraft. Arnold Barks Memorial Lecture. Salisbury.

9 December Optimising Engineering Cost Management to improve the Effectiveness of Your Company. Panel discussion. Birmingham.

10 December Science Museum. Transport networks technical visit. London.

15 December Managed Motorways: Towards a Road Infrastructure for the Future. Seminar. London.

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