Delhi bus corridor control contract goes to Siemens

The traffic control contract for a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Delhi, India, has been awarded to Siemens.

DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd) placed the order for the supply of design services and the installation of intelligent traffic signalling equipment including Extra Low Voltage controllers and associated technology for 20 junctions on the first BRT corridor from Ambedkar Nagar to Delhi Gate (length 14.5km).

Additional equipment and services being supplied includes the provision of a new central control room with Urban Traffic Control (UTC) and SCOOT, over 600 traffic and pedestrian signals, around 350 above-ground detectors, a supply of nearside push-button units for pedestrian crossings and a long-term maintenance contract.

Delhi is emerging as a commercial hub. A recent study projected that Delhi and its satellite towns will be among the most densely populated in the world by 2020.

The city's transportation network is predominantly road based and the number of private vehicles is increasing very rapidly. Around 46 per cent of total personal trips in Delhi were completed by using the public transport system (bus and metro) in 2007-08.

To attract a larger number of bus passengers, the BRT system is designed to play an important role. A reliable and good quality public transportation system offers better mobility, besides other social advantages such as reducing congestion and air pollution. In total, the Delhi Government intends to build 26 BRT corridors covering a total length of 310 km by 2020. The first seven are planned for completion by 2010.

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