CITP assessment process updated

The Chartered IT Professional - CITP - certification has been updated by its the British Computer Society (BCS), following a seven-year-long consultation process. The revisions will now require CITP applicants to display ‘deeper’ expertise and relevance to the requirements of government and industry, the body says.

Successful new CITP applicants will be issued with a Certificate of Current Competence which will be valid for five years, after which they will be required to undertake revalidation to acquire a new certificate. The approach will ensure that senior practitioners “not only possess broad technical knowledge across the whole of IT, but also… can demonstrate business experience, commercial accountability and competence in their individual IT specialisms,” says BCS CEO David Clark.

New CITP applicants need to have eight-to-ten years experience with at least three of the last five years in ‘a complex IT role requiring business insight’.

Chartered IT Professional status should be of a similar status to other chartered designations, such as accountancy, Clark adds: “The process of accreditation should therefore be rigorous, and there must be mechanisms for periodic revalidation.”

Successful IT professionals will also need to demonstrate competence in their chosen specialism(s), and in interpersonal skills via an online interview with expert assessors; and they will be added to a public register of CITPs which will be a beneficial resource for clients and employers looking to recruit leading IT staff.

Existing CITP holders will be unaffected by these changes initially, but will only retain their current status and post nominal letters for a period of five years, the BCS says, after which they will be required to pass the new certification. 

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