Britain's 'Top 100s' called to back global climate campaign

Britain’s top 100 business leaders and top 100 media personalities have been called on to put their efforts behind the global ‘tck tck tck’ climate change campaign.

With just under 80 days to go before crunch climate change talks in Copenhagen, British Cabinet Ministers Ed Miliband, Lord Mandelson and Ben Bradshaw have pledged their support to the campaign and written to Britain’s business and media leaders, and all MPs, asking them to back a global deal at December’s Copenhagen climate summit.

The ‘tck tck tck’ campaign is a global alliance of NGOs, trade unions, faith groups calling for a fair, ambitious and binding climate change agreement.

Kofi Annan, ex-Secretary General of the United Nations and leader of the campaign, recently wrote to 100 global leaders, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown, to ask them to join the campaign for an ambitious global climate deal.

The UK Government is now passing on the message to the top 100 leaders in British business and media and is sending on a ‘tck tck tck’ badge as the symbol of the global campaign.  The letter asks business and media leaders to write to their own ‘top 100’ telling them why they believe in tackling climate change.

Ed Miliband, Climate and Energy Secretary, said: “Governments have to show leadership to get the deal we need at Copenhagen. But we also need all parts of society to show it matters to them. The campaign can help ramp up global pressure for the best possible climate deal in Copenhagen.”

Richard Lambert, CBI Director-General, who was one of the signatories on the letter to businesses, said: “Business is looking to the Copenhagen talks to deliver a robust global agreement that gives companies confidence to make long-term investments in low-carbon products, while remaining internationally competitive.

 “If we can get the right deal, then companies will grasp the nettle by developing exciting new technologies that will reduce carbon emissions for both the developed and developing world.”

For further information on the Copenhagen climate talks, go to:

Further information on the tck tck tck campaign, visit

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