Analog Devices funds scholarship for Limerick

Analog Devices Ireland has said it will work with the University of Limerick’s engineering faculty to develop a scholarship programme valued at more than €125,000.

The scholarship fund is being established in memory of the late Hank Krabbe, the who set up the Limerick plant for Analog in 1976.
Ray Stata, co-founder and chairman of Analog Devices, said: “We believe that it is very important to play our part in encouraging young people to select engineering as an exciting and rewarding career choice.
“At Analog Devices, we are committed to promoting and supporting the study of engineering and to do what we can, in all the countries where we operate, to help encourage young people to consider engineering as an interesting and rewarding career opportunity. We believe that this scholarship programme will act as an incentive to young people to consider studying engineering and also hope that that possibility of securing the Hank Krabbe medal will help set new standards in academic excellence.”
The Analog Devices scholarship will be awarded to the top student after their first year in electronic engineering annually for the next four years in University Limerick. The Hank Krabbe medal will be accompanied by a cheque of €5,000 and a €7,000 payment will be made prior to beginning each of the following three years.

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